The Project for Sixth Industrialization
(cultivation, processing and promotion)
of Citrus Resources in Central Aceh District
utilizing knowledge of Ochi-Town

About the Project

Aceh Orange photo Lake Tawar photo Central Aceh District in Aceh Province, Indonesia country is scenic land famous for the production of GAYO coffee. There is no large-scale economic development. But it is a place just like a paradise on earth.
Central Aceh is also blessed with the production of citrus fruits including a sour orange similar to yuzu (Japanese citrus). Following the success of coffee, Central Ache is aiming at 6th industrialization (namely, production, processing and marketing) of citrus fruits.
In Japan, Kochi is the key prefecture known for promoting 6th industrialization.
Under these circumstances, Ochi-Town in Kochi Prefecture took initiative to implement “Project for Sixth Industrialization of Citrus Resources in Central Aceh District utilizing knowledge of Ochi-Town” under JICA Partnership Program.
In the future, the Project aims to create the Win-Win relationship between Japan and Indonesia through the joint business which does a common private business between. The Project plans to invite the farmers in Central Aceh to Ochi-Town and have them learn the Sixth Industrialization.
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6th industrialization

Sixth industrialization is the concept that farmers do all of the primary industry (agriculture, forestry and fisheries,) secondary industry (industry) and tertiary industry (sales and service).
If the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries are integrated, it will become a sixth industry (1x2x3=6).
The following effects can be expected by the sixth industrialization.

  • Safety of the product is transmitted to the consumer
    Because it is processed products using agricultural products produced by farmers themselves, the safety of products is transmitted to consumers directly.
  • Farmers can develop products that make the most of the flavor they produce.
    Farmers who know the characteristics of raw materials (agricultural produces) can develop products that maximize the flavor of raw materials. It is farmers who know the most delicious way to eat agricultural products they produce.
  • Profits of sixth industrialization can be returned to the primary industry.
    When farmers sell agricultural products to their suppliers, they are often forced to sell them by the prices unfavorable to farmers. In the sixth industrialization, we integrate everything from agriculture (cultivation) to processing and sales, so we can return the sales profit of the final product to the primary industry (agriculture).
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    About Ochi-Town, Kochi Prefecture

    Ochi-Town is s located in Kochi Prefecture in Shikoku, southern part of Japan. Ochi is a town rich in nature where the Niyodo River, famous for its clarity of water, flows. Kochi Prefecture faces the Pacific Ocean, but Ochi-Town is located in the central part of the inland. Ochi-Town and Central Aceh Province have a lot in common, including the terrain surrounded by mountains, population density, natural conditions suitable for citrus cultivation, and warm personality, even though they are close to the sea. The website of Ochi-cho is here.

    Basic data of Kochi and Ochi-Town

  • Located in the central part of Kochi Prefecture, Ochi-Town is surrounded by the mountains of the Ishizuchi, a roof of Shikoku, and is a town rich in nature with bright glitter of the Niyodo River.
  • The area of Ochi-Town is 112 km2, the population in 2019 is 5,584 people, and the population density is 50 people/km2.
  • At Miyanomae Park, a famous spot for Cosmos, the town's flowers, many tourists visit the festival every year.
  • Niyodo River, which boasts the best water quality in Japan, is a popular spot where you can enjoy the outdoors, such as canoeing, rafting and camping.
  • The average annual temperature in Kochi, the capital of the prefecture, is 16.9 degree, with an annual rainfall of 2,470 mm.
  • Basic Agricultural Data in Kochi and Ochi-Town

  • Kochi Prefecture has a blessed weather condition with a warm temperature and long daylight hours in winter, and diverse natural conditions from the coast to the mountainous areas.
  • In the plains of the prefecture, profitable horticultural agriculture has developed and is a driving force in prefectural agriculture.
  • In the plains of the prefecture, profitable horticultural agriculture has developed and is a driving force in prefectural agriculture.
  • In Ochi-Town, in addition to open-air vegetables such as ginger and green peppers, the cultivation of Shintaka-nashi and Buntan (an unique variety of pear and citrus) is popular. It is also famous for the high-quality tea.
  • Video prepared by a long-term trainee

    About Central Aceh District

    Central Aceh District is located in the inland central part of Aceh Province on the western tip of Indonesia. It is a scenic lakeside highland city centered on Takengon, the capital of the district government. The specialty product is Arabica coffee called Aceh Gayo Coffee (Note: Gayo is the ethnic name of the region), and 80-90% of farmers are involved in coffee cultivation. In order to grow Gayo coffee, it is necessary to have other trees tall enough to make shade. In recent years, it is common to have mixed planting of coffee and oranges in the area. Some oranges are famous, known as Kuprok Gayo Aceh Mikan. Takengon, a lakeside highland city full of delicious coffee and oranges -- would you like to visit there?

    Basic Data of Central Aceh

  • Takengon, the capital of the district government, is a highland city facing Lake Laut Tawar (lake area of about 55 km2), at an altitude of about 1,250 meters. The position of Takegon is here. (Note: Laut Tawar means the sea of fresh water.)
  • The area of Central Aceh district is 4,454 km2, the population in 2014 is 192,204 people, and the population density is 43 people/km2.
  • The elevation of Central Aceh is varied from 200m to 2,600m above sea level. About a half of the area in the district is a plateau with an elevation from 750m to 1,500m, with undulating plateaus.
  • The temperature is between 20 and 28ºC. It has a cool climate in Indonesia. Annual precipitation is 2,184 mm, less than the average of 2,700 mm in Indonesia as a whole. The daylight rate (the time from sunrise to sunset) is 42.9%. In the morning, it is often fog in Lake Laurt Tawar.
  • Basic Agricultural Data in Central Aceh

  • Farmland area is 54,036 ha consist of 14,016 ha in paddy fields, 20,291 ha in upland fields, and 19,729 ha of farms. It accounts for 12.5% of the total area in Central Aceh.
  • The main agricultural and livestock products are rice, capsicum, shallots, potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, avocados, jacked fruit, coffee, buffalo and goats.
  • A mixture of coffee and oranges called Tumpansari cultivation is carried out. Oranges also play a role in the awning of coffee. The harvest time of coffee is twice in November-January and March-May, while the harvest time of the oranges is between May and August. Seaeasonal labor concentration is avoided in Central Aceh since the harvest season does not overlap with each other.
  • Okabayashi Farm Co., Ltd.

    Okabayashi Farm is working on the sixth industrialization of citrus in Ochi-Town with its slogan of “delicious and safety”. On October 17, 2017, it was selected as "Discover Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Village Treasures" (3rd selection) by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
    For more information, please visit the Okabayashi Farm Website. The mail order of the product is ere.
    You can also buy it from Rakuten Market, Anshindo, and Suehiroya on external sites.

    Sustainable Inc.

    Sustainable Inc. is a Japanese international cooperation consulting company that implement this Project together with Okabayashi Farm Co., Ltd. It dispatches experts to Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) projects in developing countries. The company specializes in agriculture, rural and community development. For more information, please visit the website of Sustainable Inc.

    Young Citrus Business Promotion Group

    This is a business promotion group for young people aiming to promote the sixth industrialization of citrus in Central Aceh in cooperation with the Gayo Orange Producers' Forum in the district. Currently, two young people are working on three years of long-term training at Okabayashi Farm in Ochi-Town. With these two main members at the center, the group takes on the challenge of the sixth industrialization of citrus, taking advantage of experiences in the coffee business in Central Aceh.

    Gayo Orange Producers’ Forum (Masyarakat Perlindungan Indikasi Geografis Jeruk Keprok Gayo Aceh)

    It is an organization established by the orange producing farmers in Central Aceh district. In the past, we have mainly registered Kuprok Gayo Aceh Orange under Indonesia's geographic indication system. In July 2015, registration of the system was completed. From now on, the Forum is going to focus on the promotion of various citrus fruits and the development of processed products.